Jaidah Energy offers our client base a complete range of Industrial Chemicals ranging from Water Treatment Process Systems, Waste Water and Industrial Maintenance. Also, Specialty Chemicals for Oil & Gas Applications especially Drilling, Production & industrial activities. Jaidah Energy supports these products by also supplying a complete range of Automatic Dosing Systems & Controllers, Filter Systems, Chemical Injection Pumps and Water Testing Laboratories & Equipment. Our customers enjoy an extremely high level of service as Jaidah Energy stock and supply many of the products in Qatar for immediate delivery.

We are one of the leading companies who cover a wide range of chemical supplies and solutions:

Jaidah Energy-Doha,Qatar
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Bulk Chemicals
  • Upstream and Downstream Chemicals
  • Water & Process Treatment

Industrial Chemical

Jaidah Energy has wide range of industrial chemical products like acids, alkali, dispersants, de-emulsifier, anti-foam, odour control.

Bulk Chemicals

We offer products like Mud Additives, speciality, semi-speciality, commodity chemicals.

Upstream and Downstream Chemicals

Jaidah Energy covers the complete solution for the upstream and downstream chemicals supply and services market like Cementing, Stimulation, Well Services, Refining, Process, etc.

Water & Process Treatment

We cover complete Water & process treatment chemicals like Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Dispersants, Biocides, Coagulants, Flocculants, Odour control, Micro Biocides, etc.

Mechanical & Instrumentation


Jaidah Energy is very active in the supply and stocking of piping materials and associated products. Our network of high quality international manufacturers aided by our local technical specialists deliver a complete range of piping solutions to our customers. These range from relatively simple carbon steel applications for the benign hydrocarbon environments up to the very formidable requirements of extremely high pressure sour gas. Jaidah Energy provide products including but not limited to valves, mechanical seals, expansion joints , pumps, flanges & gaskets of different sizes and material grades.

In this sector we focus on:

  • Control Valves, Check Valves, Choke Valves, On-Off Valves, HIPPS system etc.
  • Valve & Actuator Services and Field Installation, Commissioning Works.
  • Supply, Service, Repair & Refurbishment of Mechanical Seals.
  • Providing inspection, Consultancy study like Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Fitness for Service (FFS), Vibration Monitoring etc. for ageing plants.


The Instrumentation department in association with the industry leaders approved by all major end users & operating companies offers an extremely comprehensive solution for any process control automation requirement. Actively involved in the field of Process Control Instrumentation, DCS, SCADA and Telemetry System with the capability to supply & service instruments ranging from pneumatic to smart. Backed with the support of highly trained and experienced engineers, customers can derive the full benefits of a locally engineered solution backed up with design, engineering, staging, testing, SAT, FAT, maintenance & training.

In the sector we focus on:

  • Process Control Systems (DCS/PLC), SCADA and Telemetry.
  • Process Field Instrumentation. (Flow , Pressure, Temperature, Level)
  • Analytical Instrument Solution and Services
  • Control System Integration & Instrumentation Maintenance and Services.
  • Training, Servicing and Commissioning.


To identify and analyse the condition of: piping structure, tanks, expansion joints/bellows, and mechanical seal in pumps/compressors, we offer complete supply and solution of:

  • Instrumentation/ Mechanical (this includes but not limited to Field Instruments/ Transmitters, Analyzers, Controllers, Valves , Pumps)
  • Asset Integrity services (Advanced Stress Analysis, Risk Based Inspection , Fitness for Service ( FFS) , vibration monitoring /analysis, Materials Integrity etc..)
  • We offer site visit to study the condition of mechanical seal installed in pumps / compressors.
  • Support consultancy service to customer to analyse corrosion on static equipment, vibration study and RBI.
  • Valves & Actuator Services (Coming Soon)
  • For valve services we provide facility & manpower for assembly of valve & actuators, testing, valve automation and modification.
  • Raslaffan facility has the capacity to repair multiple type of valve including safety valve, pressure relief valve, gate valve, check valve, control valve and more


  • All our products have wide install base with major end-users like QP, RasGas, QatarGas , QAFCO , ORYX GTL etc.
  • High Spec Field Instruments (Mass Flow meter, TFS Analyzers, Gas Chromatograph, Open path Gas leak detection systems –Laser type)
  • Axial Flow Valves (Control, Choke , Check, Surge relief, ON-Off )
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
  • Mechanical Seals & Spares and Refurbishment.
  • Pumps (Centrifugal, Positive Displacement, Reciprocating Pumps – Plunger and Piston
  • Analyzers (H2S , Moisture, Total Sulphur , Gas Chromatographs)
  • Multiphase Flow Meters
  • Advanced meter’s signal processing and field electronics provide sensitive measurements and a comprehensive mapping of flow. Improve production optimization, flow assurance and well testing, while meeting all field conditions and cost requirements.
  • Downhole Gauges
  • Generate multiphase flow measurements in the well, providing greater insight into subsea and downhole production
  • Polymer Cross Coupling Protector
  • The product is designed to optimise the chances of success in tubular running and at a competitive price too.
  • Corrosion Products
  • Comprising intrusive sensors? for applications subsea as well as for topside/ landbased applications. With the novel Fieldwatch software, corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions can be an integrated part of a complete monitoring and measurement solution, e.g. including sand or flow measurements.????????????????????????????????????????
  • Wellhead and Subsea Dump flooder Equipment services for Onshore- Offshore locations
  • Valves – Provides solutions to Flow Control and now provide Choke valves, ball valves, Gate valves, Check valves and Severe Service Control Valves.


This broad category of services encompasses a complete range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Breathing Apparatus, Emergency Escape Sets, Air Trolleys, Oxygen Resuscitators and Gas Detection Equipment. Jaidah Energy has a well-equipped service center in Qatar for carrying out maintenance, service, repair, refilling and testing of these products. The factory trained technicians are also on call to provide 24 hour on site service when needed.

Jaidah Energy-Doha,Qatar

Jaidah Energy has been an official distributor for personnel gas monitors, area monitors and systems for decades.

We have a fully equipped workshop to provide after sales services and calibration. We are also a distributor of SCBA/Breathing Apparatus/ Escape Packs.


  • After sales services and calibration
  • Our technicians are trained and certified


  • Personnel Gas Monitors
  • Area Monitors
  • Systems
  • SCBA/Breathing Apparatus/ Escape Packs

Well Services

Jaidah Energy is currently expanding its portfolio to include pressure control equipment, wellbore cleanout tools, wellbore cleanout chemicals, flow control equipment, drill pipe, tubing and handling equipment rentals and logging and leak detection, through our major suppliers. Our network of high quality international manufacturers aided by local technical specialists can deliver a complete range of wellbore solutions to our customers. These range from relatively simple carbon steel applications for the benign hydrocarbon environments up to the very formidable requirements of extremely high pressure sour gas.

Jaidah Energy is in the process of expanding into the following categories:

Wellbore services includes the following:

  • Corrosion Logging & Leak Detection
  • Non Explosive Pipe Severance
  • Solid Expandable Liners
  • Centralizers
  • Polymer Cross Coupling Cable Protectors
  • Abandonment and De-commissioning
  • Inflation Support Tool
  • Bridge Plugs
  • Cement Retainer
  • Swell Packers
  • Retrievable Bridge Plugs
  • Retrievable Test Packers
  • Drillable Brush / Scraper
  • Foam Balls( drill pipe cleaning)
  • Liner Hanger Systems
  • Filtration Services
  • Swarf Recovery
  • Casing Exit Systems – whip stock’s , mills etc., Bop’s.
  • Well Intervention Services


  • State of the art Memory Logging for corrosion and leak detection
  • We work with the only corrosion and leak detection logging company that can read up to 3 barriers in one trip and also read 28%CRA pipe
  • Non-Explosive Pipe Severance
  • Radial Cutting Torches – Pipe severing tools 360° cuts
  • Circulating Pyro Torches – Circulation paths
  • Axial Pyro Torches – Removal of stuck objects
  • Deployed on Slickline, E-Line, coiled tubing, pipe, tractor and pump down
  • Solid Expandable Liner Systems
  • Solid Expandable Technology allows you to achieve, and many times exceed, your well’s drilling, completions, and production objectives through the use of our partners proprietary downhole expandable solid-steel liner systems.
  • Conductor Running – Rig-less pile driving
  • Offers full scope solutions for the most demanding applications, including sour service, high pressure & high temperature packages for customers in the middle east


  • Wellbore Cleanout Tools
  • Specialized, next generation WBC tools for full scope cleanout.
  • Bespoke Solutions for maximized cleanout while controlling costs.
  • Bridge Plug & Cement Retainers
  • Full range of Drillable Bridge plugs & Cement plugs which can be drilled out in approximately 35 minutes.
  • Wide range of simple setting and releasing Retrievable Bridge Plugs.
  • Specialize Plug and Abandonment Tools
  • Pressure Control Equipment
  • Provides complete well control system solutions for all types of well activity and is OPITO Approved.
  • Drilling Tools
  • JE is able to supply a comprehensive range of rental products, including drilling tools, handling equipment, fishing tools, BOP’s & accessories.
  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)
  • JE MPD equipment is NACE MR-0175 Sour Service compliant & API SPEC Q1 Registered.
  • Cost Control. As operators continue to be squeezed for cost control, Reducing Rig Cost was one of JE’s focuses during the selection of the MPD equipment.
  • Very Small Footprint. JE’s MPD system is approximately one-half the footprint and two-thirds less of the rig’s weight capacity compared to typical MPD systems in today’s market.
  • TRS System
  • Reduce rig costs
  • Increased safety
  • System completely removes the need for:
  • Power Tongs
  • Stabber in the Derrick
  • 75-1000 Ton Elevators
  • Fill-up & Circulating Tools
  • Separate FMS Control Systems
  • Unstable or unsafe works platform

Casing Centralisers

We offer a full variety of centralizers designed to ensure enhanced performance for your specific well conditions.

Polymer Cross Coupling Cable Protectors

Our partners polymer control line protectors (patent pending) are all based on a standard design theme, utilising a hinged arrangement to allow for easy fitting to tubing at mid joint or cross coupling positions.

Well Servicing Products

Our partners can provide Wireline Units, Fluid Pump Units for both onshore and offshore use as well as Coiled Tubing Units and mobile Workover Rigs.


Jaidah Energy currently has two primary work operations located in Doha Industrial area and Ras Laffan Industrial City.

Jaidah Energy Cementing Operation located at Doha Industrial Area has been in business for the last 30 years handling major contracts with Qatar Petroleum Off/Onshore, Ras Gas, Occidental, and Halliburton. Jaidah Energy’s transport fleet consists of Bulker tanks that deliver directly to Onshore/Offshore operations.

Jaidah Energy Chemical Operation in Ras Laffan Industrial City is mainly focused on our chemical supply operations. Here upstream, downstream and industrial chemicals are warehoused which allows us quick delivery to our customers.

Electrical Maintenance and Services:

A) We provide skilled Engineer and Technicians
B) Services Offered:

  • Switching/isolation tasks up to 132 KV substation.
  • Replacement/repair for different voltage levels bus-bars
  • Conduct surveys to assess the condition of the LV/HV electrical equipment
  • Maintenance and repairs of electrical distribution systems, lighting, small power circuits, AC and DC electrical motors and electrical testing equipment and devices.
  • Electrical isolations and switching of LV systems
  • Cable Jointing
  • Cables Replacement
  • RMU and Transformers/Reactor Maintenance

C) Certified Vendor Engineers for various type of branded equipment.
D) Provide Oil Filtration services

We have top of the line Mobile 3000 LPH Ultra High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine with a fully trained and OEM certified operator and Engineer to run the machine and service the Transformers.

Jaidah Energy-Doha,Qatar

Oil Well Cement

Our cement products meet the highest industry standards and strictest quality control and have been certified by the American Petroleum Institute for use in deep sea oil exploration and drilling. We stock & deliver Class G cement to various customers from our Bulk Plant located at Doha Industrial Area.


We stock & deliver various chemicals to various customers from our Operation Base located in RLIC.

Technical Services Capabilities

Jaidah Energy, through in-house and with support of its partners is capable of providing Plant Control system Maintenance services, that includes Installation, Start-up, Commissioning, Repairs, Customer training and technical consultation for a full range of supplied systems and products.

  • Skilled & Unskilled Manpower Technical Services (Electrical , Mechanical & Instrumentation, Safety)
  • Maintenance services (Control system , SCADA)
  • Repairs & Refurbishment of Mechanical Seals
  • Installation, Start up and commissioning services
    (Distributed Control system (DCS), SCADA , Process instruments (Pressure , Flow , Temperature)
  • Annual maintenance contract & preventive maintenance services (Electrical Maintenance, Vibration Analysis)